Good translation speaks for itself

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My Services


I provide well-researched translations from German and French into English in various technical and scientific fields including food and farming, climate, energy and the environment, manufacturing, engineering and construction.


Does your text need an extra polish? I offer a proofreading and editing service to complement my translation work – to ensure that your copy is clear, concise and easy to understand.

“Really excellent work, by the way. It makes such a difference getting back a translation from somebody who clearly knows what they’re talking about. “

Alexander Mann

Currenter (Bayer)


With a BA (Hons) Degree in Modern Languages and a PGCE, I started out as a French and German teacher, first in schools, and then in industry. After gaining a Diploma in Translation (Science and Technology) from the Institute of Linguistics, I spent the next 25 years helping German-speaking companies communicate clearly and effectively with the English-speaking world. 

Recently, a colleague asked me to translate a chapter for a French book on viticulture. I gave my stock reply – I don’t translate from French – but she encouraged me to have a go. So I did a 1000-word trial – and was amazed to find that all the French I had acquired was not lost, as I had always supposed, but just waiting to be rediscovered! 

When I’m not at my desk, you can usually find me on the beach with my dog Eddy, or swimming in the sea – the perfect way to unwind.

Let’s talk technical

I have built up experience in a range of technical areas. Click the drop downs to see some examples of my work.


Digital farming, agricultural machinery, livestock rearing and animal welfare – heat stress in dairy cows, ruminant health, nutrition, pig breeding and boar AI; crop science and plant breeding – companion planting in oilseed rape, the use of beneficial insects for pest control, lucerne as a climate-adapted home-grown forage, seed treatments, a grass identification guide

Co-translation of La Vigne by Olivier Viret & Katia Gindro: chapters on ‘Fungal diseases’ and ‘Mycology through the ages’


Co-translation of the German Environment Agency report Germany in 2050 – a greenhouse gas-neutral country (Transport and Agriculture chapters)

Co-translation of the German Environment Agency’s key environmental indicators, focussing on the climate section 

For Agroscope, the Geochemical Soil Atlas of Switzerland 


Scientific articles for the bilingual journal Geomechanics and Tunnelling on the geotechnical and geological challenges of tunnelling in major fault zones, tunnel renovation methods and rockfall stabilisation and remediation method. 

Building materials – especially autoclaved aerated concrete and insulation, plasma technology, industrial coatings, surface treatments… 


Acoustic wallpaper, adhesive, bathroom fittings, circular saws, double-sided adhesive tape, e-bikes, ensiling agent, green wall systems, industrial floor coatings, laboratory glassware, luxury ice cream, machine tools, modular furniture, personal protective equipment, solar power plants, sound-absorbent shutters, telescopic belt conveyors, vacuum packing systems, water filters, winter jackets, workwear …